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Now more than ten years ago, a group of friends started a beer tasting club. Every two weeks they came together at one of their homes to drink a good Belgian beer and to discuss beer, women and football. During the years the interest in beer grew. This resulted in following brewing courses in 2007. 

From that year on, they started “Hobbybrouwerij Het Nest (Home Brewery the Cradle)”. Their first success was a third place at the Open Dutch Championship for home brewers in the “triple” class.


Turnhout: the centre of the playcard industry

Turnhout arose before the 12th century on the cross roads of two major trade routes in the Duchy of Brabant (now north Belgium). In 2012 the town received its “city rights”. In 1338 it received the right to organize a market every Saturday. Even today this tradition is kept alive. In 1826 Pieter Jozef Brepols started the production of play cards in Turnhout. In the twentieth century this company became the worldwide leader in the production of playing cards.

Today the card production activities of Brepols, VanGenechten and Biermans are centralized in a joint venture called Cartamundi which is Latin for "cards for the world". Cartamundi does not only produce the classical play cards but also cards for boardgames like Monopoly. Since 1969 Turnhout has a "national museum for the playing card".